Sunday, December 17, 2017

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EdLeaders Network

ELN is an online/anytime library of webinars and videos that you can view and use an unlimited number of times.  Coupling this with your 2017-18 IASP membership, ELN will be available to you through September 30, 2018.   All IASP members receive the year-long membership in ELN as another IASP member benefit.

Once you activate your IASP membership, we will activate your ELN membership.  This will generally occur within 10 days; you will then receive an email from the Ed Leaders Network notifying you that your ELN membership is activated and provide to you your username and password.

You may browse the ELN website right now to see the general topics and the specific webinars and videos that will be available to you.  You will note that as you access specific content, each provides a credit hour amount.  ELN will track your viewing history and you can then use the accumulated credit hours as PGPs as you renew your license. You can even use the content to build PD for your staff and gain further PGPs with the approval of your superintendent.

As you visit ELN, you can take a site tour, or go ahead and watch a sample webinar on the Flipped Classroom. As you utilize ELN for your own PD and then want to provide this to staff in your building or corporation, you can purchase group subscriptions at a greatly reduced rate.  Membership in ELN is normally $99; your IASP membership provides this to you at no additional cost and the group subscriptions run between $15-$24.

Terilyn Hoke at IASP,, can be contacted if you have any questions about your ELN membership including account information on how to provide ELN to your staff.