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M.A.T.H. Bowl

2018 M.A.T.H. Bowl Important Dates
Click here to view the Competition Timeline
Entry Deadline: December 5, 2017 – Confirmation List
Optional Invitational Competitions: January 22 – February 3, 2018
Roster Submission Deadline: February 4, 2018
Area Competition: February 22, 2018
NEW! Comprehensive Confirmation List
A list of schools who have entered any IASP sponsored academic competition is now available.  Elementary schools who have entered more than one team will only appear once on this list.  A specific Elementary M.A.T.H. Bowl Confirmation List will be available in late August. Click here for the Comprehensive Confirmation List.
NEW! 2018 M.A.T.H. Coach Handbook
The M.A.T.H. Bowl Coach Handbook contains all rules and instructions for your 2017 team. Be sure that you read through the entirety of these sections prior to the competition. Click here for the 2018 M.A.T.H. Coaches Handbook [Requires Adobe Reader]
2017 Elementary M.A.T.H. Bowl Results 
The 2017 Elementary M.A.T.H. Bowl Results are now available!  
Blue Class Orange Class Yellow Class 
Green Class Red Class  
NEW! Standards to be used for 2018 M.A.T.H. Bowl –
Process Standards – same for all grade levels
AT. Algebraic Thinking

Grade 4

Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
M.A.T.H. Bowl Coach Webinar
Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation that was used for the 2016 Academic Coach Webinar for M.A.T.H. Bowl coaches on December 14, 2016. The 2017 PowerPoint presentation will be posted in January.
NEW! M.A.T.H. Bowl Practice Questions
The 2018 M.A.T.H. Bowl Competition will be using the same standards used for the 2012 and 2015 competitions. Instead of writing new practice questions for 2018, we will make available the questions used for those past competitions. The 2018 Invitational questions will be posted on February 5, 2018. By studying these questions with their teams, coaches can get a good picture of what the 2018 questions will be like. 
2012 Invit. (Answers Separate) 2015 Invit. (Answers Separate) 2018 Invit. (Answers Separate)
2012 Invit. (Answers w/Questions) 2015 Invit. (Answers w/Questions) 2018 Invit. (Answers w/Questions)
2012 Area (Answers Separate) 2015 Area (Answers Separate) 2018 Area (Answers Separate)
2012 Area (Answers w/Questions) 2015 Area (Answers w/Questions) 2018 Area (Answers w/Questions)
NEW! M.A.T.H. Bowl Invitationals
M.A.T.H. Bowl Invitationals are local competitions that schools host as a way to practice for the Area competition. Invitationals are NOT a requirement. If you are interested in hosting an invitational, click here to download the question order form. If you are interested in attending an invitational, click here to view a list of invitationals that are being held throughout the state. Open invitationals are ones that are accepting registrations. Closed invitationals are not currently accepting registrations. If you wish to join a closed invitational in the future, please contact the coordinator that is listed and ask if they would be able to include you in the event next year. 
Reminder to Elementary Coaches
Available competition class choices changed for the 2012 competition year. Elementary schools have 5 classes to choose from to enter their team(s). Coaches may choose to enter two teams in difference classes. For example, some schools that have 5th and/or 6th graders may want to add an additional team to allow their 4th graders to compete separately. Click here to read frequently asked questions about the Elementary Competition Classes. The 2017-18 Membership Participation Form is available online, and includes information to help schools enter the correct class. Each school will want to read the instruction carefully when completing the form, but the quick version looks like this:
Blue Class: Teams that include 6th graders, 187 Eligible Students or More
Green Class: Teams that include 6th graders, 186 Eligible Students or Less
Orange Class: Teams that do not include 6th graders, 163 Eligible Students or More
Red Class: Teams that do not include 6th graders, 162 Eligible Students or Less
Yellow Class: Teams Including ONLY 4th graders, regardless of size of school.
M.A.T.H. Bowl Coaching Videos
Indiana State University has assembled two sets of videos, designed to help M.A.T.H. Bowl Coaches. The first series is geared toward giving tips about coaching the contest, and stars the M.A.T.H. Bowl Coach from Northwestern Elementary School, Jan Koloszar! Jan does a great job of sharing her successful system. The second set of videos discusses ways to teach the concept of “probability”, and may spark some ideas in both new and experienced coaches. Although the Topic Videos were created specifically for the 2011 competition, some elements may apply to future competitions, even through some topics will only apply to that specific competition year. Enjoy the videos. Thanks, Indiana State! Click on the links below to view the videos:
Introduction M.A.T.H. Bowl Basics Creating & Maintaining a M.A.T.H. Bowl Team
 Why Do I Run a M.A.T.H. Bowl Team Using the Handbook & Logistics Putting Together a Team & Managing Practices
Subject Areas: Probability Probability & Statistics
 “Funky” Means Problems Counting Key Ideas & Terms in Data Analysis & Statistics
Help Recruiting your Team
To help coaches save some time as you search out students for your team, IASP is making some printable flyers available. You can print, fill in your information, copy and post them around your building! The poster is designed to fit on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
Click here for the M.A.T.H. Bowl Recruiting Poster. [Requires Adobe Reader]
M.A.T.H. Bowl Proctor Instructions
Each team must provide an adult proctor at the contest. Please have proctors review the instructions before arriving at the contest.
Click here to view the M.A.T.H. Bowl Proctor Instructions [Requires Adobe Reader]
M.A.T.H. Bowl Scoring Instructions
For instructions on how to complete all competition tie-breakers, click here.
To view a video on how to score your contest, click here
M.A.T.H. Bowl Student Answer Forms
Click here for a copy of the answer sheet used during competitions [Requires Adobe Reader]
Description of the Elementary M.A.T.H. Competition
The competition will be made up of four rounds with three different team members competing in each round. Each round shall consist of eight multiple-choice questions. The competition will be based on The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics publication Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics. This includes thirteen curriculum standards.
Teams are composed ideally of twelve members. Eight others may be used as alternates. There is no limit of how many students may come from any one grade level. A student may participate in only one round. At the end of the fourth question, one or two members of the squad may substitute for students at the table.
All full-time students in graders 4-5 (6 where appropriate) are eligible to compete. Within these constraints, schools may select their teams in any manner and with any additional criteria they choose.
The competition will consist of four rounds with each round consisting of eight multiple-choice questions which will be read to the students and projected on the screen simultaneously. After consulting with the other team members at the table, the team captain will answer each question by circling the chosen response on the answer sheet. At the conclusion of the allotted time, (30-60 seconds) the proctor will grade each response before the next question is read.