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Academic Super Bowl

Comprehensive Confirmation List for 2017-18
A list of schools who have entered any IASP sponsored academic competition is now available.  Elementary schools who have entered more than one team will only appear once on this list.  A specific Academic Super Bowl Confirmation List will be available in late August.  Click here for the Comprehensive Confirmation List.

2018 Indiana Academic Super Bowl Contest Outlines
Contest Outlines are available for all rounds of the 2018 Indiana Academic Super Bowl.
Click here for Contest Outlines!

NEW! 2018 Practice Questions and Conference Handouts
Practice Questions for all contest rounds and Presentations/Handouts/Notes that were used at the Jr/Sr Academic Coach Conference are now available.  Click here for Practice Questions and Conference Materials

2018 Academic Super Bowl Invitational Contests
Invitational Contests are optional local contests using materials written by the same question writers used for the Area and State Finals contests.  All contests used during a specific period (listed on the contest timeline) use the same questions, and those questions are posted online after each period ends.  Click Here for a List of 2018 Invitational Contests.

Book Order Form Teams interested in ordering print sources for the 2018 Indiana Academic Super Bowl, can receive a discount by ordering from the Barnes and Noble Greenwood location.  This service is offered as an option.  Teams are NOT required to purchase all sources on the order form, and may choose to purchase or borrow books from any source of their choosing. Please carefully read the instructions page.  Participants in the September 15 Jr/Sr Academic Coach Conference may purchase/pick up print materials from Barnes and Noble during the conference.  Click Here for Barnes and Noble Book Order Form

Academic Coach Conference
The Academic Coach Conference will be held Friday, September 15 in the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis.  Sessions with question writers from each round of the Indiana Academic Super Bowl will be included on the schedule.  Sessions will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude by 3:30 p.m.  Registration deadline is September 8, and there is a $20 early bird discount on registration fees for entries received by August 23.
Click here for the Jr/Sr Coach Conference Registration Form.
Click here for a list of Registered Conference Participants.
Click here for Conference Information (Schedule, Directions, and more)

The following links may help coaches prepare for upcoming competitions:
Academic Super Bowl Coach Handbook [Requires Adobe Reader]
SuperProctorInstructions  [Requires Adobe Reader]
TimelineSeniorSuper [Requires Adobe Reader]
TimelineJuniorSuper [Requires Adobe Reader]
SuperAnswerSheet [Requires Adobe Reader]
SuperSrBlankRosterForm [Requires Adobe Reader]
SuperJrBlankRosterForm [Requires Adobe Reader]
(Blank Roster Forms are offered only as a tool for coaches to use prior to the contest.  The official Student Roster will be collected online, printed, and given to coaches upon arrival at the Area Competition)

2017-2018 Department of Student Programs (DSP) Membership-Participation Form
The Membership-Participation form (used to enter all academic competitions) is now available and can be completed and returned to IASP. Indiana Academic Super Bowl entry deadline is January 31, 2018.
Click here to view the 2017-18 DSP Membership-Participation form.

Invitational Contest Questions
Following each Invitational contest period, the questions used for that round will be available online for all teams.  Click here for the Invitational Contest Questions (activated after Invitational). For the dates to expect each set of questions, see the contest timeline on the Calendars page.  Click here for the Calendars page.

Celebrating 30 years of Indiana Academic Super Bowl!
2016 marked the 30th Annual Indiana Academic Super Bowl contest. Students have covered a fantastic variety of topics since the 1986-87 school year. Click here for a list of all 30 contest themes (and even themes for future years).

Future Indiana Academic Super Bowl Competition Themes:
2018  World War I
2019   The Fertile Crescent
2020  The Roaring 20’s

2018 Senior Division Competition
Round Order is:  1. Fine Arts, 2. Social Studies, 3. Math, 4. English, 5. Science,
6. Interdisciplinary

2018 Junior Division Competition
Round Order is:  1. English, 2. Science, 3. Social Studies, 4. Math, 5. Interdisciplinary

Purchasing Practice Questions IASP will continue to publish practice questions on this web site, which are free, and written by the same question writers as the competition questions. However, many coaches have requested information on how to purchase additional practice questions. The Lowell Academic Booster Club has taken on this project, and will sell sets of practice questions (approximately 1,000 junior level questions, and 1,500 senior level for $40 per set). The sets will include questions from each subject except for math. While these questions are not created by the same writers as the competition questions, we believe many coaches may be interested in using these as a tool for their team. For inquiries you should contact Joe Gianotti at

Description of the Senior Division Indiana Academic Super Bowl
The high school (Senior Division) competition will be made up of five subject matter rounds (English, science, social studies, mathematics, and fine arts) and a sixth interdisciplinary round in which questions may come from any and all of the subject matter rounds. Some interdisciplinary questions will require knowledge of at least two subject areas. Junior Division teams do not compete in Fine Arts.

Team Selection
Senior Division teams will be made up of six squads. Each of the five subject area squads will consist of no more than five students. The interdisciplinary squad may consist of seven students. Any given student may compete on a maximum of two subject area squads and may also compete on the interdisciplinary squad (three squads total).

Any student enrolled full-time in grades 9-12 is eligible to compete on a high school team. Any full-time student in grades 7 and 8 is eligible to compete on a junior division team. Sixth grade students may participate if they are housed in the same building with the 7th and 8th graders as a middle school. Ninth graders housed in a middle school must either compete with the team from the high school which they will attend or they may compose a team of their own and compete in the high school division. Within these constraints, schools may select their teams in any manner and with any additional criteria they choose.