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Indiana Cheer Championship



Indiana Cheer Coaches Education and Training
USA Cheer and the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators are bringing spirit and safety together as partners in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Heads Up campaign. This joint effort will help build concussion awareness among coaches, parents, fans and cheerleaders themselves. The ever-growing popularity of cheerleading, coupled with the year-round nature of the sport, unfortunately, has led to a higher total incidence of concussions in our sport than in many others. That is why we are encouraging you to get involved and learn more about concussions.
NFHS Resources
Be sure to take advantage of the many resources available to you through the National Federation of State High School Associations! Visit to learn more, and check out the links below to find several great opportunities to further your knowledge in regards to sports medicine, as well as coach and participant responsibilities!
Sports Medicine Home Page
“After-School” Emergency Response Training Program
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course

First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches Course
Concussion in Sports Course
Coach Responsibilities
Participant Responsibilities
NFHS Spirit Rules Update Sessions
The IASP Department of Student Programs is dedicated to helping Indiana Cheerleading Coaches keep up to date on the most current rules. Rules Interpretation Meetings are required each year for coaches who plan to participate in Indiana Cheer Championship competitions. This year’s Coaches Conference was held on August 5, 2017 at Fishers HS. Online webinar meetings were also scheduled in September and October for those who were unable to attend the conference, or would just like to hear the information again. The webinars were free for all coaches, not just the coaches that are planning to bring their teams to an Indiana Cheer Championship event in 2017. If you have questions about these Rules Interpretation Meetings, please contact Chris Hammer at
Student Leadership Workshop
We were excited to again team up with the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders to bring you an event for student leaders! The event took place on August 5, 2017 at Fishers HS. Student leaders learned from members of the 2017 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders. Student sessions included the topics of: Leadership, Community Outreach, Motivation, Nutrition, Stretching and Teamwork. We hope that you will join us next year for this great event!
Video Submission Procedure
Each season, a large number of videos are submitted with a message saying only, “Is this legal?”. Without any indication as to where you are looking, we may focus on the wrong part of the submission, therefore making it more difficult to re-direct you to the correct information. 
Legal vs illegal is far too often more than a simple yes or no. One hand placement or a few inches difference in elevation can make a legal skill illegal. We want to know what your thought process is when examining a skill’s legality. We are asking that when sending videos, you reference the portion of the current NFHS Spirit Rules Book (Rule number and/or page number) that has you unsure if the skill is legal. The rule book is laid out in a way where all of the information pertaining to a specific skill is not necessarily provided on the same page. The initial rules are on one page, but situation rulings which also apply are on subsequent pages. Please be as specific as possible. In addition, we are asking that the videos that you send be of YOUR cheerleaders performing the skills. Please do NOT send videos of college teams or other teams performing the same skills. Your submission may be uploaded to youtube and sent that way, but the cheerleaders shown in the video must be your group. If you have questions, please send videos and your reference point in the NFHS Spirit Rules Book to Chris Hammer at
Not on the Indiana Cheer Championship email list?
No problem! Email Chris Hammer at to be added to the list.
Frequently Asked Questions
For answers to frequently asked questions about Indiana Cheerleading and the Indiana Cheer Championship events, click here.
Indiana Cheer Championship
2017 Indiana Cheer Championship Competitions – Registration Form – Timeline – Confirmation List

October 21, 2017 – Westfield HS

October 28, 2017 – Greenfield Central HS

November 4, 2017 – New Castle HS
Schedule (to be posted 10/23)

All JH, Freshman, JV and JH Time-Out Division teams will compete once for awards. Partner Stunt Group Finalists will also compete for awards.

All Varsity teams will compete in the preliminary round. The top 60% of the teams will advance to the State Finals competition the following weekend.
All Varsity State Finalists and High School Time-Out Division teams will compete once for awards. The 2017 All-State Cheer Team will also perform in exhibition.
NEW! Partner Stunt Group Finalists
We are excited to announce this year’s Partner Stunt Group Finalists! Video submissions were scored from 11 teams and this year’s competition was incredibly close! The following 5 schools’ teams will compete on October 21, 2017 at Westfield High School in the finals of the Partner Stunt Group competition. Congratulations to all of the teams that submitted videos, and special congratulations to this year’s finalists (listed in alphabetical order)!
Carmel High School
Mooresville High School (Blue)
New Palestine High School
Pendleton Heights High School
Silver Creek High School
Music Copyright Policy
As you might be aware, music copyright compliance is a hot topic right now. In order to protect ourselves and you as participants, we are requiring that all teams comply with US Copyright laws when obtaining music for their routines. Copyright compliance is non-negotiable. Below, you will find information regarding how to go about getting the necessary permissions to use music or finding music that doesn’t require special permissions. Since the Time-Out Division teams are not permitted to use music, copyright laws will not affect those teams. We trust that you will take this very seriously and join us in this industry-wide effort to protect the rights of artists, producers and record labels.
1. You may purchase music through the preferred vendors listed here, provided by USA Cheer. Through these providers, the permissions to use the music for performance are included. 2. You may choose to bring in a song that you have legally purchased, and simply cut it down to the proper time limit. You may not do anything else to the recording, including adjusting the speed. 3. You may choose to tackle this process on your own. You will need to contact all copyright owners of the music that you intend to use, and receive all permissions from them. Sample Request Letter. 
If you have further questions about what is required of you in terms of copyright compliance, please contact Chris at Since this is an issue affecting all cheer teams, USA Cheer has put together resources for their teams and competitions, and have granted us permission to share those with you. NOTE: The information included in the previous link is designed for USA Cheer and its events. It is subject to change at any time. If changes are made, the Indiana Cheer Championship will act independently of USA Cheer to determine what changes may need to be made for the Indiana Cheer Championship competitions.
NEW! Indiana Cheer Coach of the Year Finalists
Strong cheer coaches are an essential part of providing a positive experience for Indiana’s cheerleaders, and IASP is excited to recognize the contributions of devoted cheer coaches from across the state! This year, we are excited to announce the following individuals as Cheer Coach of the Year Finalists. Finalists will be recognized during the State Finals Awards Ceremony, on November 4, 2017 at New Castle HS, with one coach being named the 2017 Indiana Cheer Coach of the Year! This year’s finalists, in alphabetical order: Alli Juskevice, Delta HS; Lisa Norville, NorthWood HS; and Christy Rose, Tri-West HS. Congratulations to these 3 outstanding coaches! We look forward to recognizing your achievements on November 4th!
Competition Score Sheets – Tips for Interpreting Scoring System
Dance & Formations Score Sheet   Time-Out Score Sheet
Cheering Skills & Jumps Score Sheet Point Deduction Score Sheet Time-Out Safety & Timing Score Sheet
Tumbling Score Sheet Safety & Timing Score Sheet All-Girl Partner Stunt Score Sheet
Stunts/Tossing/Pyramids Score Sheet   All-State Individual Score Sheet
NEW! 2017 High School Invitational Competitions
Here is a list of the schools that have informed us that they will be hosting an invitational cheer competition this season. IASP is happy to spread the word about these competitions, but please note that IASP is not associated with these competitions in any other way. Please contact the coordinating host directly with questions via the email address provided. Some competitions choose to use our Indiana Cheer Championship score sheets, and sometimes similar judges. Coaches attending any of the competitions below should be aware that scores from these competitions are not guaranteed to translate to an Indiana Cheer Championship event. This list will be updated as information is shared with IASP.
Host Date Information Coordinator Email
Clinton County Fair July 13, 2017 Registration Form Nichole Julian
Delaware County Fair July 17, 2017 Registration Form Melanie Marshall
Swiss Wine Festival Aug. 27, 2017 Registration Form JHHS Casie Jesop
Charlestown High School Sept. 9, 2017 Registration Form Amy Pearce
Wawasee High School Sept. 9, 2017 Registration Form Cory Schutz
Floyd Central High School Sept. 16, 2017 Registration Form Celeste Bell 
Greenfield Central High School Sept. 16, 2017 Registration Form Laken Peal
 Lake Central High School Sept. 23, 2017  Registration Form  John Powers 
Tri-West High School Sept. 23, 2017 Registration Form Christy Rose
NorthWood High School Cancelled Registration Form Lisa Norville
New Albany High School Sept. 30, 2017 Registration Form Rocelle Marquis
New Palestine High School Sept. 30, 2017 Registration Form Ally Jamerson
Purdue University Oct.1, 2017 Registration Form  Steve Solberg
Carroll Middle School Oct. 4, 2017 Registration Form Jill Glass
Pendleton Heights High School Oct. 7, 2017 Registration Form Brenda Jamerson
Bishop Dwenger High School Oct. 14, 2017 Registration Form Amy Gonzagowski
Clinton Central Jr/Sr HS Oct. 14, 2017 Registration Form  Logan Chapin 
Mt. Vernon High School Oct. 14, 2017 Registration Form Emily Thompson 
Providence High School Oct. 22, 2017 Registration Form Christie Evanczyk
South Dearborn High School Nov. 11, 2017 Registration Form Lisa West
Bishop Dwenger High School Jan. 28, 2018  Registration Form Amy Gonzagowski 
LaPorte High School Feb. 4, 2018 Registration Form Chris Lidgard
Scholarship Opportunities Each Indiana Cheer Competition participating school has the opportunity for senior cheerleaders to compete for scholarships in the Individual All State Competition held in the Fall as a part of the State Championships, and again in the Academic All-State Cheer Team program in the Spring. Click the link in the Indiana Cheer Championship History section below to view past teams.
NEW! 2017 Indiana All-State Cheer Team Congratulations to the 2017 Indiana All-State Cheer Team! These 12 individuals were selected from a very talented pool of 53 applicants from across the State of Indiana! The 2017 Indiana All-State Cheerleading Team members are (alpha order):
Abby AhrensFloyd Central HS Morgan GrudzienLake Central HS Sydnee LeeJay County HS
Lia Davis, Westfield HS Logan HouchenJeffersonville HS Breea LietteJay County HS
Abby GalliherPendleton Heights HS Bri HudsonSilver Creek HS Karissa RileyBedford North Lawrence HS
McKenna GarrisonBedford North Lawrence HS Eriana IvasieckoCrown Point HS Grace WernerJasper HS
2017 Indiana Academic All-State Cheer Team Congratulations to the 2017 Indiana Academic All-State Cheer Team! These 12 individuals were selected from a very talented pool of applicants from across the state of Indiana, based on their accomplishments both in the classroom and in their communities! Eleven of the team members will receive a $100 scholarship, and the highest scoring team member will receive a $1,000 scholarship. The 2017 Indiana Academic All-State Cheerleading Team members are (alpha order):
Abigail BeardFloyd Central HS Alison JeffriesWestfield HS Meg SchleterMt. Vernon HS
Emily GallupHamilton Southeastern HS Carli KingFloyd Central HS Kylie StineFrankfort HS
Madeleine GlogasHomestead HS ($1,000) Allison SanderKnightstown Community HS Makayla SullivanLake Central HS
Mackenzie HorningGreenfield Central HS Gabrielle SchepersNortheast Dubois HS Lauren TatinaLake Central HS
Indiana Cheer Championship History Click here to view past All-State Teams, both Cheer and Academic, and to view the Indiana Cheer Championship “Hall of Champions”, where you can find records of past championships won sorted by competition class, year and by school.