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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Competition Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter a team? The Department of Student Programs Membership-Participation Form is available on the Academic Competitions page and through several other links on the IASP web site. Forms are also mailed to the principal of each Indiana school in July. This form allows your school to join the Department of Student Programs (a required step for participation in any contest or other program) and enter all academic competitions. Payment may accompany the form, or schools will be billed after the form is submitted.

Can I enter a contest through the web site?
At this time, contests can only be entered by mailing or faxing a Membership-Participation Form to the address/fax number at the top of the form. School personnel can print a Membership-Participation form from the web site, fill it out, then return it by fax or mail. Student names are not included when entering a contest, but are submitted through the IASP web site after the contest entry deadline.

What are the enrollment classifications?
Junior and Senior level Academic Competitions are divided into four classes based on your enrollment (except Academic Decathlon, which only has 2 classes). The Elementary level has five classes, based on what grade level students will be competing on a team. The enrollment number used is always the number submitted to the DOE the PREVIOUS school year. Click here for frequently asked questions regarding the Elementary Classes.

How can I tell if my team is entered?
Beginning in late August, confirmation lists are posted to list which competitions have been entered. The top of each confirmation list will show when it was last updated.

When do I submit the names of my students and coaches?
After the competition entry deadline, a form will be posted on the IASP web site, which will allow submission of student names and names of the coaches. A separate deadline is posted for submitting these names, which typically falls a few weeks before the competition date.

What are invitational contests?
Invitational contests are locally organized competitions, which may be used as practice rounds or League/County/City championships.  All details of these contests including procedures, schedules, participating teams, and awards are at the discretion of the local host. The web page dealing with each specific contest includes information on which invitational contests are scheduled.  The Forms Page includes the forms necessary to purchase invitational contest questions for Sr. Spell Bowl, Academic Decathlon, M.A.T.H. Bowl, and Academic Super Bowl. Invitational questions for Elementary and Junior Spell Bowl are created by the local hosts.

Where will we compete?
Host sites are not officially announced until after a Host Site Coordinator’s meeting, which is scheduled after a contest’s entry deadline. Although many schools compete at the same site each year, there is no guarantee of which site your school will be assigned to until after these meetings. You can find the date for the Host Coordinator’s meeting and the posting date of host sites on your contest’s timeline. Teams are most often assigned to the closest host site to your school, although time zones, available space, and other factors will also be considered. Details of the contest and host site will be sent by email to coaches listed on your Membership-Participation form after the Host Coordinator’s meeting. If you would like more than one coach to receive the information or change the coach listed on your Membership-Participation form, send that information by email to (make sure to include the coach’s name and email address, contest name, your school name, and your school city)

What time does the contest begin and end?
General starting times are listed below, although it is best to check with your host coordinator to confirm starting times at your site. Check-in times are generally 1 hour before the beginning of the contest. Ending times depend on procedures used and the number of teams at your local site – check with your host coordinator for an estimate.

Elem. Spell Bowl, 5pm
Jr. & Sr. Area Spell Bowl, 6pm
Sr. Spell Bowl State Finals, 11am
Jr. Spell Bowl State Finals, 3pm
Academic Decathlon Area, 8:15am
Elem. M.A.T.H. Bowl, 5pm
Jr. Academic Super Bowl, 9am
Sr. Area Academic Super Bowl, 5pm
Sr. Academic Super Bowl State Finals, 11am

What if I have too many students? Each competition has a maximum number of students which can be placed on your official team roster (check the appropriate Coach’s Handbook for specific numbers), but you may have additional students involved in practices and invitational competitions. If you have more students than are permitted on the official roster, you may contact your host site to have students listed in the program who may not actually compete during the contest. Elementary level competitions allow schools to enter more than one team per contest.  Junior and Senior level competitions allow only 1 team per competition.

What if I don’t have enough students?
Teams who have a smaller number of students ARE allowed to compete without a “full” team, and are still eligible for all awards. Allowing even a few interested individuals to compete can help build the team and increase interest for following years. For instance, Spell Bowl teams can allow a few individuals to compete then leave the team’s table empty for the remaining rounds. M.A.T.H. Bowl and Academic Super Bowl may send as few as one student to the competition table during a round, or may decide to leave their competition table empty during a round.

How are statewide results determined?
Senior Spell Bowl, Junior Spell Bowl, Academic Decathlon, and Senior Academic Super Bowl teams can qualify for State Finals competitions based on their Area Competition score. Before the Area competition the IASP office will announce a specific number of teams from each enrollment classification which will advance to State Finals.

What are the important dates to remember?
Each competition has a posted timeline which lists competition entry deadlines, web site posting dates, team roster submission deadlines, and meeting dates. Check the Calendars & Timelines Page to see more.

These didn’t answer my question.  Where else can I get help?
The best place to find answers is by reading a Coach’s Handbook, which are available on each competition’s web page. Handbooks are updated each year, and any item which is new for this year is in italics. If you’re not able to find the answers you need on the IASP web site or Coach’s Handbook you may also inquire by email to