Professional Support

  • Legal Advice.  The association will assist you when faced with contractual issues through one of Indiana’s top legal firms.
  • Vacancy Listings.  Through our web site , you will have access to administrative vacancies on a daily basis.
  • Research and Information Services.  You can contact your association for help in researching an issue affecting your school or system.



  • Active lobbyist in the Indiana General Assembly.  You have a voice in the legislature through a full-time professional lobbyist who is also a former principal.
  • Congressional Contacts.  Through our Federal Relations Coordinator, as well as the Executive Director and President, your concerns are heard by Indiana’s members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.
  • Key NASSP and NAESP Committees.  Once again, you are represented in both national principals associations through service on a wide variety of committees.
  • Voice to the State Board of Education.  The association regularly attends and monitors the activities and decisions of the board.
  • State Superintendent’s Advisory Committee.  Each of the twelve IASP districts has a representative who attends regular meetings with the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the purpose of sharing ideas and concerns.
  • Membership on State Boards and Committees.  Your profession is represented on such important boards as the Indiana Professional Standards Board and the Indiana Education Roundtable.
  • Principal Certification.  IASP continues to serve a key leadership role in the development and implementation of new certification processes for building level leaders.


Professional Growth

  • Fall Conference.  You are able to attend at reduced fees the annual conference, which is always focused on current educational initiatives and provides insights into best practice across the nation.
  • Assistant Principals Conference.  This conference is specifically designed to meet the challenges and professional growth needs of our state’s assistant principals.
  • Secretaries Conference.  This annual event typically brings more than 400 school secretaries together for a day of professional development and celebration.
  • Principal/Superintendent Conference.  Held in June, this is an opportunity for principals and their superintendent to escape the day-to-day rigors of school leadership, engaging in a rewarding professional development experience.
  • Aspiring Principals Conference.   The association sponsors this conference each spring.  It is designed to attract quality teachers to our profession.
  • New Administrators Conference.  This conference is held in August and assists first-time administrators with the logistical priorities when moving into their positions.
  • District Meetings.  Each district holds meetings throughout the school year, designed to bring members together to share ideas and celebrate successes.



Professional Growth Continued

  • Workshops.  Your association regularly sponsors regional workshops, designed to immerse administrators in significant professional activity.
  • State and National Offices.  The association provides numerous opportunities for members to hold state and national leadership positions, focused on enhancing the profession.



  • Massive emailing and faxing.  Your association works diligently to keep members informed of state and national issues and opportunities that affect your role.
  • Discounted Auto Insurance.   Through Horace Mann, the association offers significantly lower auto insurance rates to IASP members.
  • Long Term Health Care.  Through Henry & Associates, the association offers significantly lower long-term health care rates to IASP members.
  • Emergency Relief Service.  Through the Principal Service Corps, the association offers emergency support to principals who are experiencing a significant crisis in the school. 
  • Climate Audits.  The Principal Service Corps is available to conduct climate audits in your school.
  • Consultation. The Principal Service Corps, consisting of retired building administrators, provides consulting services to building level leaders through the Educational Services Company.


Recognition of Members

  • Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year.  Annually, the association works with each district to identify exemplary administrators who are recognized at the state level.
  • National Principals Recognition Programs.  IASP collaborates with NASSP and NAESP to recognize Hoosier administrators at the national level.
  • Secretaries Recognitions.  The association has joined with Horace Mann to recognize a number of members’ secretaries for the important work they do in your school.
  • Retirees.  IASP has joined with Henry & Associates to host an annual luncheon in the spring for upcoming retirees.



  • Indianagram.  The association publishes this newsletter ten times annually.  Key writers are the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the attorney for the Indiana School Boards Association, as well as practitioners like yourself.
  • Annual Report.  This provides members with a summation of the previous year’s association activities and financial condition.