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Purdue Doctoral Program

[ig_text el_title=”Purdue Doctoral Program” div_margin_top=”10″ div_margin_bottom=”10″ enable_dropcap=”no” disabled_el=”no” ]The Indiana Association of School Principals and Purdue University are again cooperating in presenting to IASP members the Purdue University Cohort Doctoral Program in educational leadership. Graduate courses are offered through use of video-conference technology to an Indianapolis-area cohort at the IASP conference facility in Indianapolis and to a limited number of other Indiana locations.

Courses in this Ph. D. program are coordinated with Indiana superintendent license requirements.  The program has a minimum of 63 semester hours, a preliminary examination and a dissertation; it consists of a core of six educational leadership courses, which explore contemporary educational administration issues in national and Indiana settings, together with supporting coursework in curriculum, technology, statistics and research.

The cohort doctoral program in educational leadership is a performance-based, NCATE-accredited program; the curriculum is focused in ISLLC and Indiana school administrator standards. The program develops school leaders with necessary competencies in systems analysis, planning, securing consensus, collaboration and fostering improvement in order to lead schools and school systems to meet challenges associated with today’s changing educational scene.Application for the 2012 cohort doctoral program in educational leadership is made electronically(www.gradschool.purdue.educlick Apply Now). An application includes 2 transcripts, a goal statement, 3 recommendations (1 from an administrator), and Graduate Record Examination scores.
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