Monday, June 26, 2017

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2017 Regional Professional Development Opportunities

Online Registration (locations included) | Paper registration (locations included)

IASP is pleased to announce regional professional development opportunities available in three locations around the state. Participants can choose to attend one or all PD sessions.

Five Problem-Solving Frameworks for Principals: Dr. Rhonda Roos 

In today’s educational climate, principals are facing more issues – small and large – each and every day.  Come learn about five problem-solving models from Senge’s research to use immediately in your leadership.  We’ll discuss the frameworks, share examples, and demonstrate techniques to engage in difficult conversations with staff members.  We hope you’ll join us to clarify and strengthen your administrative role as you gain results for your school.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Dr. Rhonda Roos

As principals, we are aware that creating an effective team is essential to the work in our schools.  Most of us are familiar with the basic concepts that we must overcome in creating teams – absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results.  Join us for this session where we will quickly review these layers but then move deeply into the specific role of the principal in creating more dynamic and effective teams.  Come learn and share specific strategies to assess your own team’s progress and your role in strengthening the growth of your teams.

Leadership Matters: Dr. Adam Drummond

Who Are You?  Leadership Matters:  Focus on your strengths to build your success.  Participants will complete their own Strengths Finder assessment as part of the Leadership Matters experience.  Participants will receive the book Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath which is included in your fee.  This one day session offers the school leader an opportunity to reflect on his/her own skills, crafts, and experiences.

  • Why understanding your strengths matter?
  • How do I apply these strengths:
  • How does my intentional focus impact the trajectory of my school or district?

Technology Tools for Administrators: Dan Layton

This session will focus on the purposeful use of web 2.0 tools such as twitter,, pinterest, Lino, educreations to create a system of instant and ever present Professional Development for staff that promotes autonomy, mastery, and purpose as well as how to develop the Professional Learning Network of administrators themselves.